To Perform an Exhibition // Agora Collective performs at L’Atelier (Kunst) Spiel Raum

To Perform an Exhibition // Agora Collective performs at L’Atelier (Kunst) Spiel Raum

“To perform an exhibition” is a body based project developed by Agora Collective for the Month of Performance-Art Berlin program at L’Atelier (Kunst) Spiel Raum. “To perform an exhibition” takes the situation of the group show as reflexive subject matter. The Agora artists will perform collective actions in response to the individual works presented by the artists participating in the L’Atelier’s program, as well as to the relational behavior of the spectators and the general frame of the gallery itself. The collective will occupy the basement of the gallery from 18h – 21h on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May 2012.

“To perform an exhibtion” continues Agora Collective’s research into how a collective answers questions of the body. Drawing on the skills and concerns of its individual members, collective response may take the form of non-verbal communication, interpretative action and improvised choreographies. Topics relating to fear, society, communication, media, risk, crisis, absence and presence continually appear and guide the research. Instead of proposing a critically hermetic tone towards the subject of Performance Art, “To perform an exhibition” approaches the terrain of performance as a means towards the production of pro-active collectivity.

The actions produced in “To perform an exhibtion” will be prompted by a mediated information system. Video taken from cameras in the gallery will record the performances of the contributing artists and played back on monitors viewed by the collective. This outsourced visual information will become the departure point for investigating how the group performs an exhibition, helping to inform and illustrate Agora Collective’s chemistry.



Agora Collective is the art collective of Agora. We are a small group of artists and thinkers coming from many disciplines and backgrounds and while we retain a small, core group from project to project we are also constantly inviting new members to meet the challenges of new work.

With each new piece and new group we are concerned with finding territory where our questions, skills, experiences, and range of interests can find common ground. Our process is based  on constantly putting our free-form thoughts into action and then building from and reworking the unexpected results.While this manner of working can be at times circuitous, the experience of collaboration thus remains as exciting to us as the moment we release the final work.

“To perform an exhibtion” is conceived and performed by Jessica Cooke, Joana Dias, Marcela Donato, Renata Har, Judith Lavagna, Todd McQuade, Alexandra Sebag, Jasmin Schaitl, Caique Tizzi.

when // 3rd, 4th, 5th of May 2012 from 6 p.m.
where// L’Atelier (Kunst) Spiel Raum

Großbeerenstraße 34, Kreuzberg 10965 Berlin
U7 Mehringdamm