Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin  //  On Discord

Diego Agulló and Dmitry Paranyushkin // On Discord

We invite you to take part in an open-lab on finding inspiration in disagreement. Every day we will be creating a situation with a potentially volatile combination of topics and people. We will then use some time-space experiments and propositions to activate interactions that follow the thread of discord.

Some of the topics we’ve been busy lately with are the ideas of conflict, transgressing belief, venture fiction, dromomania, persistence, habitual behavior, non-equilibrium stability, cross-dilettantism, transnomia, collaboration, resistance. Be ready that we will make strong propositions in the direction of exploring all these, but also be very welcome to bring in your propositions and the ideas for activating them.

No qualifications or skills are required and you can join us any day or every day – as you with. We finish this reasearch group with a final public “Grosse Fugue” presentation on the 12th of May, which you can join in whatever role you wish, be it participant, spectator, both, or none.

We kindly ask you to confirm your participation by e-mail to thinkperformanceart@agoracollective.org or by mobile on +49 17628138255 … as the session is quite full and we can’t have more than 15 people at a time.



when // 8–12th of May 

time // from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

fee // 30 euros week // 8 euros day

subscription// thinkperformance@agoracollective.org

max// 15 people

Performance – Event “The Grosse Fuge” // 12th of May at  9 p.m. no fee


Diego Agulló is a fresh juice maker and Proust reader. He started to think ninja
when he was 5 developing a NTL (nothing to lose) mindset while playing his favorite
game „darkness“. On 1998, having a background in football and taekwondo he decided
to study for 6 years philosophy at the university in Madrid. His main field of research was
the philosophy of Heidegger and Deleuze focusing on the relationship between philosophy
and art. He wrote essays on Pierre Boulez, Beethoven, Samuel Beckett, Giacometti,
Cervantes, David Lynch and Tarkovsky.:

During his studies on philosophy he got involved in the practice of music improvisation
sculpture and painting. He is co-founder of En Busca del Pasto, a project musical
improvisation. On 2005, he decided not to open a book for the next 3 years. He replaced
this absence with a video camera and he moved to Berlin where he became a Vj working
for 4 years in clubs making visuals. His films have been shown at international festivals
such as Berlinale, Oberhausen, MONA Detroit, Asahi Art Square Tokio, Cinedans,
Copenhagen Kunsthalle, Prague Quadrennial and Dance theater Workshop New York.:

On 2007 accidentally he got involved in performing arts and choreography and since
then he has been continuosly working on the field in collaboration with Ibrahim Quaraishi,
Gabriel Smeets, Lea Martini, Agata Siniarska, Aitana Cordero, Yuko Kaseki, Anja
Müller, Dennis Deter, Sebastian Matthias and Robert Steijn. He has presented work
at Springdance Festival. HAU Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, Frascati Amsterdam, Pact
zollverein Essen, Mousonturm Frankfurt and iDans Istanbul.:

On 2010 he met Dmitry Paranyushkin and they became partners in crime, developing the
on going research project in transitionary states called Transnomia and the mission based
project The Humping Pact.

Diego organizes the event CUE, which has been internationally activated in at least 70
editions throught the cities of Berlin, Rotterdam, Riga, Madrid, Barcelona, Palermo and

He is currently working on a set of little texts that will constitute a book on the topic of
freelance and cross-dilettantism. He presses orange juice every morning and sometimes
he forgets to breath. It´s now or never. Day by day.

Dmitry Paranyushkin begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting was
born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia. While studying at Moscow State University (BA in economics
with specialization in discrete mathematics) he started an on-going research practice dedicated to
resuscitating his natural habitat. One of its spinoffs was WayToRussia.Net (co-founded in 2001
together with Danil Perushev), which became the most popular online travel guide to Russia by

In 2003 Dmitry co-founded The Solvents Collective at Dartington College of Arts and they devised
and performed together during 2003-2006 at BAC Theatre (London), Edinburgh Fringe Festival,
School for New Dance Development (Amsterdam).

In 2006 The Solvents were dissolved, Dmitry moved to Berlin, and embarked on a solo music and
performance career, which gave birth to Russki Beat life-style project (2006 – 2008), presented in
various theaters and venues across Europe.

In 2007 Dmitry started This Is Like ( http://thisislike.com ) – the online platform for associative
thinking and network research.

In 2009 Dmitry joined forces with Johannes Wengel and Stefan Faerber and started an online
platform for Berlin’s music and art – PLAYBerlin. Together they organize regular TAMTAMTAM
events that bring together the city’s creative scene in surprising locations and configurations.
During the same year they also started Vogelstrauß – an animal band dedicated to transgressing the
boundaries of language and rhythm.

In 2010 Dmitry started to curate T3 Performance Lab at Kunstfabrik, which offers the opportunities
to artists and researchers to share and present their work, as well as the infrastructure and
knowledge to develop this work further.

During 2009-2010 Dmitry took an active part in popularizing the methods and benefits of network
analysis in various contexts. He participated in various conferences (a2n, re:publica 2010),
published articles (TAZ, F5), and provided consultancy services to the individuals and businesses
interested in network representation of their activities and ideas.

In 2010 Dmitry and Diego Agullo created Transnomia – the ongoing research project in
transitionary states, which was premiered at Performing Arts Forum in France.

Dmitry is currently researching textual networks, nonlinear dynamical systems theory and language
– using ThisIsLike as a tool to explore associative narratives in performative contexts and rewire
our habitual ways of navigating through information and meaning.