Elisabete Finger  //  studies for Monstro: unfolding collective work

Elisabete Finger // studies for Monstro: unfolding collective work


Trailer from Elisabete Finger “A hopeless enigma with a laughable cruelty”

to be presented on 5th of May 8p.m. @Agora


Doing, making and remaking: a seek for presence, present and other things that we don’t know

This workshop is an attempt, a will, a necessity of sharing some principles, ways of making and interests with which I’ve been obsessively working in the last couple of years: a belief in doing, making and remaking; a seek for presence and for being in the present; a search for other corporality, other spaces, other times, other logics, other possible worlds. I’m interested in an eroticism that comes from touching, from being in contact with matter, from being matter; I’m interested in exploring simple anatomic fleshly relations, I’m interested in materials and materialism, in organicity and artificiality, in eggs, hairs, holes, arrows, balloons, bells, beasts and other things that I don’t know – as to say monstrous. I understand the process of creation and the performative scene as a place to not knowing, to dive in, to live a headless adventure.

During these 3 days workshop in Agora Collective, we will form a mini-precarious-temporary-community that will be there to support individual adventures in: moving, thinking, touching, experiencing, functioning and exceeding, living and being. We will build together a simple compositional/choreographic structure, a ‘plot’ that we can repeat, vary and deplete, that is able to host personal and collective desires. A precarious context, a situation or a land where each one of us can go for a journey, where each one can create and explore other possible corporalities, other ways of relating to the other, and maybe other ways of being in this world.


Each day will be divided in two sections: a first part will be dedicated to a practice based body work (a warming up for our bones and our flesh, for our perception, for our beings), and a second part will be dedicated to compositional experiences including movement, objects and some possible relations between them.

The participants are requested to bring: something hairy, something red, something that flies, something that turns, a song, a liquid + notebooks and pencils, and an object of comfort.

This workshop is opened to any person interested in contemporary art, movement and performance. No previous knowledge in dance or any other specific training is requested.

when// 02-04th of May

time// 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

fee// 60 euros

subscription// thinkperformanceart@agoracollective.org

max// 15 people

performance// on the 5th of May // video-performance “A hopeless enigma with a laughable cruelty”

Agora // Mittelweg, 50 12053 – Berlin

Elisabete Finger is performer, maker, and researcher in contemporary art. She lives and works between Berlin – Germany and Curitiba – Brazil, doing solo projects as well as collaborations with other artists. She was one of the resident artists in Casa Hoffmann (Curitiba-2004), a part of the Essais program in CNDC d’Angers-FR (2005/2006), and has recently concluded the MA SODA program (Solo/Dance/Authorship UdK/HZT) in Berlin. Her own work has been presented in different festivals and contexts (dance, performance, visual arts) in Brazil, Uruguay, France, Portugal and Germany. As a performer she collaborated with Susan Rethorst, Deborah Hay, Eszter Salomon, Christine de Smedt, Rosane Chamecki, and Andrea Lerner among others. Elisabete Finger is co-founder and member of Cauliflower Miniglobal Artistic Community (www.couve-flor.org), along with other 7 Brazilian independent artists and inconsumivel.coma (http://inconsumivel.wordpress.com), along with other artists from DanceWeb 2009.